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Cupcake Cold War

AS a moth to a flame, the children, they came, with a wanting to know what this world cannot show, thru the eyes of a bird, they were split into thirds, and they found a small box with a key and a lock and the knowledge they craved and they danced in a daze of disease and delight, they flew thru the night, to a place unaware and where nobody cared if your short or your tall, your big or your small, we all come as one and a change has begun.

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Gordo keepin it real


New Game controller necklace/ hair clips added! 12.50$ each!

Use the coupon MOONIE for 3.00$ off your purchase!


Wearing my maid shoes because they are cute as fudge ; u ;

Wig: Ebay
Blouse: 6ks
Pin: Eyecandy
Headbow, skirt & socks: Taobao
Shoes: Antaina


i love pink things, aaaah!!!